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with support in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Here's the key changes we’ve made to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service:


  • Information we collect: We provide more examples of the types of information Meta collects, including how and why we collect and process information from people who don’t have Facebook or Instagram accounts. We also provide additional details around what metadata is and how we use it.


  • How we use information: We provide more detail about how we use information across our Products to improve people’s experiences. We provide examples to help show how we provide, personalize and improve our Products and provide measurement, analytics and business services, and we explain that we may de-identify or, aggregate , information in some ways, and we may also anonymize it to no longer identify users to use less information that’s connected to individual users


  • Location information: We provide more detail about how and when Meta collects location-related information, whether it’s through device settings or through other methods, like IP address.


  • Personalization: We provide more examples of how we use information to personalize people’s experiences, like keeping your experience consistent across devices and Meta Company Products you use. In the Terms of Service, we explain that we’ll show you ads that we think are relevant to you and your interests. We also describe in more detail how the personalized commercial and sponsored content you see funds Facebook services.


  • Who can see content and activity: We provide additional clarity around your audience and the settings you have to control who can view your content and activity.


  • Working with partners, vendors, service providers and third parties: We better explain how we work with partners, vendors, service providers and third parties. We describe the information we receive from and share with partners, vendors, service providers and third parties, and clarify the types of companies and organizations they are.


  • How long we keep your information: We give specific examples to help you understand how long your information is held.


  • How we transfer information: We made updates to clarify differences in our data transfer policies and practices across regions. We provide more detail around how Meta transfers information across borders.


  • Regulators and law enforcement: We provide more details about how and why we share information and cooperate with law enforcement and regulators. This includes to promote the safety and security of our Products and users, and to comply with valid legal requests.


  • Account Suspension and Termination: In the Terms of Service, we provide more information about when we may disable or terminate accounts that violate the Terms or our Community Standards, others’ intellectual property rights, or other laws. We also provide more detail about when we may disable or delete your account if your account is not confirmed after registration, if it remains inactive for an extended period of time, or if we detect someone may have used it without your permission and we can’t confirm your ownership of the account.


  • Oversight Board: The Oversight Board was approved in late 2018. In the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, we explain how we work with the Board across a range of issues, including content takedowns and free speech issues.


  • Legal Proceedings: In the Terms of Service, depending on your location, we updated the information relating to service of notices and the jurisdiction and governing law for legal proceedings. For example, for German users we provided the authorized recipient under the German Copyright Service Provider Act. We also clarified that we can bring claims in any competent court in the country in which the user resides that has jurisdiction over the claim.

We’ve rewritten and redesigned our Data Policy. Now called the Privacy Policy , it gives more detail about how we provide our Products and additional examples of how we use information to improve people’s experiences on our Products.


The updates are focused on helping you understand our practices so you can use our Products in the way that’s right for you.

Additional guidelines for submitting an appeal or correction


  • Appeal your violation within 7 days. We can’t guarantee that fact checkers can process appeals made after this 7 day window.


  • Deleting a post will make it impossible for a fact-checker to process your appeal.


  • Make sure you include all relevant information in your appeal. Fact checkers may experience delays or be unable to process your appeal without that information.


  • Fact checkers are not required to respond to appeals that include harassment, hate speech or other threatening language.


  • Fact checkers try to process appeals within 3 business days and notify you of their decision on your appeal.


  • If a fact checker decides to change a rating based on a correction or appeal:


  • The demotion on the content will be lifted.


  • Disapproved ads associated with the post may be lifted.


  • The strike counted toward the Page or group becoming a repeat offender will be removed.


  • It may take a few days for these updates to happen.


  • If your content is rated by multiple fact checkers, your appeal will automatically be sent to every fact checker that rated your post. Every fact checker must remove their ratings in order for the enforcement to be lifted entirely.


Appealing misinformation violations isn't available yet for content posted to your personal Facebook profile.



  • You can’t appeal decisions about content your group or Page shared but didn’t create.


  • You can appeal a violation once.


  • You can appeal Page misinformation violations through the Facebook app on iOS and Android. You can appeal group misinformation violations on the Facebook app on iOS and Android or on a web browser.

We're committed to fighting the spread of false information on Facebook. In certain countries, we work with independent fact-checkers who are certified through the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network to help identify and review false information. Fact checkers check and rate the accuracy of information in the content that you share.


If you’re a Page manager or group admin, you can appeal a misinformation violation about content the Page or group shared if you corrected the content or if you think a fact check got something wrong. Appeals are generally processed within 3 business days. You can visit your Page Quality or Group Quality to see the current status of your Page or group. There you can see if any fact-checks have been applied to your content and if any penalties have been applied to your Page or group.

This in-product appeals feature is only available to group admins and Page managers in some

countries right now.

Your page is under review. If you think your page shouldn't be removed, please fill out this form.

We'll review your appeal and take the appropriate action based on our Community Standards.

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